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Popular Gutenberg Plugins

Gutenberg Plugin may count to be a great resource when it comes to page building and all, but how can add-ons for the Gutenberg plugins help you? You might not know, but there are numerous plugins out there that can work in cohesion with Gutenberg to produce better results

On the list of all those WordPress editor plugins, Gutenberg surely ranks higher than any other option. It is famous, it is easy to use, it comes with easy installation, and it is compatible with most of the themes too.

WordPress Gutenberg plugin, without any doubt, can serve to be your best option when it comes to page builders. It can make things better than that if you pair it up with a few add-ons to boost its capacity and capability.

Gutenberg is simple, has numerous functional advantages over other page builders, and allows extensive customization without a hitch. To quote it in simpler terms, it’s the best WordPress editing plugin available.

If you are still thinking about how come more value can be added to Gutenberg, you can definitely have add-ons that enhance certain blocks, elements, and integrations to other plugins to make Gutenberg better than the best it already is.

Talking about enhancing the performance of Gutenberg, you might go on to a browser looking for add-ons. You will definitely end up finding numerous options from which you would then have to decide. 

From all these additional plugins that you can use with your Gutenberg WordPress site, you will need to choose the best ones. These are somewhat WordPress plugins editor tools too. With their help, you add to the functionalities of Gutenberg and get the best out of it.

Coming to these plugins now, you can find a lot to be the best ones. How do you find the ones that provide the value for real? We have made that job much easier for you.

10 Best Gutenberg Plugins

After looking at the market for long and finding out the best possible options beneficial to all business niches, we have found these 10 plugins that you would find highly beneficial to your website.

These Gutenberg plugins would be enough to cover most of the areas that you would ever require to be taken care of in your business endeavors. Look around and find the ones that are tailored for your site! 

1.  The Events Callendar

The Events Callendar

Want to keep your audience well-linked and engaged in your business and events? You can do that with certain ease if you have The Events Tracker on board.

It is one great plugin because it is simple, it is easy to use, and it helps you to keep your audience engaged. You can create and manage events on your site with this simple plugin and forget about third-party involvements. It has numerous WP and API rest points, Numerous integrations, and easy usage. This makes it a great choice for your business then! Go for The Events Callendar and handle dates, appointments, and events better.

2. Block Lab

Block Lab wordpress plugin

Not to exaggerate, but Block Lab has great content block options on offer for your website. It is simply one of the finest plugins when it comes to content block options and customizability.

Block Lab has extensive familiarity when it comes to the Gutenberg editor as a platform. It has all the necessary integrations that you might require to have control over all your content blocks.

Moreover, with Block Lab, you have access to simple templating and numerous content blocks in addition to a developer-friendly platform. What else is needed then?

3. Ninja Forms

Ninja forms plugin

Contact forms and data collection is basically the finesse of every online business. It is a fine art and it is a necessity too. You have to collect customer’s data and contact information to get leads and eventually convert those leads into conversions.

Ninja forms help you to get rid of third party involvements and expensive plugins for contact forms. It has easy customization, content block options, and much more.

With Ninja Forms, you can simply gather customer contact information and later utilize it to build leads and generate revenue. How easy is that?

4. Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg Blocks wordpress plugin

Among the plugins related to WordPress Gutenberg Blocks, this one has to rank among the finest. It is an exceptional showcasing of different Gutenberg Blocks and options available to you with Gutenberg.

With the Gutenberg Blocks plugin, you have a clearly coded plugin that goes perfectly with every theme, has a great set of functionalities and offers you great options in terms of customizable content blocks. 

The plugin is pixel perfect, fully customizable, zero-coding concept, easily integrated, full-width option enabled with advanced columns, multiple block-quotes, amazing Call to actions, icon lists, info-boxes, and different carousels. What else would you need?

5. Stackable

Stackable wordpress gutenberg plugin

Stackable is one of those premium and savvy plugins that help you make your website gain more users with simple tweaks. How? It makes your site more attractive with the customization options it offers.

It offers easy usage, 23 quality page building content blocks, more than 60 different pre-section and layouts, drag and drop options, built-in sections, and detailed responsiveness.

Stackable offers the curation of different content variations for your website with 23 different content block options. You can have your content presented in different manners on different pages and have a higher customer impact then.

With Stackable, you get to have excellent support, easy usage, numerous customization options, and much more. What else would you need?

6. Gutenberg Manager

Gutenberg Manager

Gutenberg Manager is exactly a manager for your Gutenberg editor if you use it perfectly. You can manage the functionalities of Gutenberg and its operability with this simple plugin.

Also, you get to have more content block options with Gutenberg Manager with this plugin as an add-on to your Gutenberg editor. With this, you can get things rolling perfectly.

With Gutenberg Manager, you can get more value out of your Gutenberg editor in addition to the fact that you can manage your Gutenberg better. You have more functions added to your Gutenberg and more value created out of those functions then. 

With a number of API hooks and additional content blocks on offer, you can edit and customize your website better than before. It can help you have content in a better manner. 

Choose Gutenberg manager and you are on your way to getting the most out of your Gutenberg editor for your website.

7. Advanced Rich Text

It is as simple as text blocks get with WordPress and specially Gutenberg. If you want to create rich and classic text content blocks, you have to go for this.

Advanced Rich Text is one simple plugin that does exactly as its name suggests. With Advanced Rich Text, you can have better text block options for your paragraph blocks.

It might not look like a fancy thing and that is perfectly fine for what it has to do. It is simple and it is comprehensive when it comes to textual content editing and customization of content blocks.

It allows you to create better textual references on your website with this particular plugin. Change text colors, fonts, formatting, and more with this simple plugin.

8. Block Gallery

Block Gallery plugin for gutenberg

Galleries are a great way of expression and portrayal. Aren’t they? That is why your website and your business deserve a great gallery to represent what you can do and how can you do so?

That is all good and glossy, but the part where you want to create a gallery box on your site is somewhat complex. Not with Block Gallery though! It is simple and it is perfect.

The graphic block created by Block Gallery provides you with a sort of picture gallery for your website. You can show all your pictures in one space and create a higher impact.

 Block Gallery is easy to install, it is as simple as it gets, and is convenient for you to use on your website. Get Block Gallery and flaunt your pictures with style.

9. Advanced Gutenberg

Advanced Gutenberg

Advanced Gutenberg is all about making Gutenberg work better with this exceptionally great add-on. It has great features with regards to functionalities of your site so that you have no confusion whatsoever when opting for it.

With Advanced Gutenberg, you have exceptional block control that lets you take control of your content blocks and their visual and functional capacities perfectly.

Also, it allows you to add contact forms, CTA blocks, table blocks, login blocks, social sharing blocks, and much more to make your site user friendly. Opt for Advanced Gutenberg and get the maximum out of your site.

10. WooCommerce Blocks

We already informed you that all of the plugins here would be suited to most of the niches that you will ever think about. If you’ve got an eCommerce business, you would definitely need WooCommerce blocks for your site.

WooCommerce Blocks is somewhat perfect as an add-on if you are looking to have great content-box features for your eCommerce website. It gives you options between in-built and customizable content blocks.

With featured category blocks, hand-picked products blocks, top-shelf product blocks, review on category, products by category blocks, on-sale products blocks, this is a complete package for you.

It also helps in product filtration by the means of attributes so that your website is perfectly sorted and arranged. In addition to all that, tag blocks, new product blocks, and classic text blocks help you create a great eCommerce store.


Among all these add-ons, we are sure you can find one or two that go hand in hand with what your business niche requires. Choose one and go on with it to have great results.