24 Option WordPress Blog Theme - Paragon Themes

A developed WordPress theme provides all the decoration and styling of your website, which will transform the entire website into a personal platform based on a specific identity. When it comes to web design and templates, every client has its own requirement. Whether the website is for personal use or for corporate purposes, the template should always fit certain values and the identity of our clients. The templates of Paragon Themes are developed in a way that it allows customization, by simply adjusting the options and features. There is no need to touch the codes while customizing your new website, because our products are designed in the most easy-to-use system of WordPress. All of our themes are featuring different themes and looks such as a clean and elegant theme, minimal look and even professional magazine designs. One of our most popular template is the Placid Plus, the same template that has been used by the company 24 Option.

We at Paragon Themes have been noticing by looking at our download statistics that a high percentage of our online traffic is interested in the Placid Plus and Nexas Plus themes. The Placid Plusu is one of our templates that contains the most features. Some of the features that this template provides are the Copyright options, Author Widget, SEO Friendly Codes and Advertisement Ready. This last one is an important and additional feature that is specially designed for corporate purposes and business advertising. When the company 24 Option reached out to us, they requested a template that would include the Advertisement Ready feature, so that they could easily develop their own marketing campaigns and advertisements. The Nexas Plus theme provides features such as Social Links, One Click Demo Import, Added Custom Widgets with Repeater and an Unlimited Slider. If you are looking for a template that provides you a variety of features, these two would be very recommendable.

After purchasing your new template on our website, you will immediately reach access to the support team of Paragon Themes. Our support forum and tickets are open for all clients that purchased one of our themes and products. The support team offers help with questions related to the themes, setup process and theme guidelines. If you choose to upgrade your account to Premium, you will get access to the Premium Team Support. Many companies such as 24 Option already have chosen for the Premium option, because of the additional support that might can come in handy.

Both Nexas Plus and Placid Plus can be purchased on the website of Paragon Themes and easily download it straight from our website. Installing the template is really easy, but if you are having some struggles with the installation process, you can always reach out to our support team. Besides our great two templates, Paragon Themes is offering a wide variety of different templates that will suit your personality or type of business. On our website you are able to access the demo versions in order to see if they could match your requirements.