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All About Domain Names and their usage

Computers always use IP addresses to find a site. IP addresses are a series of complex numbers which only computers can memorize. For ease of use, domain names are used to identify sites rather than IP addresses.

Here is precise and must-know information about domain names.

Domain Names 

So far we have learned why we use domain names. But what are they and how they work? We will cover this now.

Domain names are any combination of letters or numbers used in combination with domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, and many more. For example in β€œ” tafel spel roulette is a domain name with a domain extension of .nI.

In simple words domain names are addresses. For example, if your school was a website then the domain name would be its address.

To have a website you must have a domain name and the domain name can only be used if it is registered. Each website has a unique domain, no two websites can have the same domain name. 

But there is one more step which will land you in an online saga and it is choosing a website host and you have to do it wisely as well.

Why Do I  Need a Domain Name?

If you have planned for an online presence of your business or a personal blog then it is for sure you must have a domain name.

Having a domain name will ensure that your copyright and trademark are protected. It will also help you to build credibility and will help you to enhance your business at new levels.

So your online presence is dependent on domain names.

What Is Domain Name System (DNS)?

 As we have learned that we use domain names instead of IP addresses. Then how come the internet knows about domain names as it only understands IP addresses. This is where the concept of Domain Name System comes into play.

DNS is like a phonebook for the internet. It translates the domain names into IP addresses for computers so browsers can load the entity for which we are searching.

So you can say DNS is a translator that works between user and computer for user ease.

How does DNS Work?

The working of DNS seems simple but it includes 4 types of servers in translating domain names and loading web pages. First, we will try to understand its general work. 

Here we start!

When a user enters the domain name to load a certain webpage DNS starts to translate the name into a machine-friendly IP address to locate the webpage.

Throughout this process, there are 4 types of servers involved in loading a web page and these are:

DNS Recursor: It is the first step in the translation process and asks another DNS server for an address.

Root Name Server: It gives answers directly for records in the root zone.

TLD Nameserver: Top Level Domain Server refers to the rightmost part of the domain name in the process of conversion into an IP address.

Authoritative Name Server: It gives the final IP address of the domain for which we are looking.

Now we are having a very clear idea of DNS working and nameservers but still, you have to explore more things like mentioned below.

What are Subdomains?

It is evident from the name that a subdomain is a domain that is part of the main domain. Is it needed?

Yes, sometimes you need it to navigate and organize the different parts of your website. You can create multiple subdomains for organizational purposes.

Consider an example of β€œ”. In this service is your subdomain with health masters as your primary domain and .com here is your top-level domain (TLD). 

Keep in mind that you are free to use any kind of text for your subdomain but remember it must be easy to type, memorize and it should be catchy as well.

For which cases do we use Sub Domain?

From above you will be having an idea why we use a subdomain? But we still have to look at which scenarios should be used?

Often we incorporate plugins to make our site’s performance better. But we have to first test them on a subdomain staging site before we go live on the internet.

Then eCommerce websites mostly use the subdomains due to their complex structure to make it easy for users and themselves in handling transactions.

So subdomains can improve the overall working and organization of your website content.

How to choose a domain name?

Choosing a domain name may be sometimes confusing because you can’t decide to pick one name from many running in your mind.

Honestly, it would be good to choose a name that perfectly reflects your business, brand, or idea you are going to make life. It would make it easy for users to find you online.

If unfortunately the name is already taken before then come up with an alternative name but it must correspond to your site. You can also use suggested names offered by the registrar.

You can also turn to automated domain name generators or you can have it in WordPress domain name search to pick one or you can have a pretty good idea about domain name from there.

The key to a good domain name is that it must be concise, catchy, easy to remember, and reflects your site well.


It is a good time to get your business online with a good domain name. All you need to remember is you will have success if you take the step of choosing a domain name and deciding on a hosting service today.

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