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Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants

Have you thought about how you are going to stay in the business in these testing times? If not, you are really looking down the wrong end of the gun barrel. Owning restaurants without online ordering systems at this time is a huge risk.

With the world coping with a pandemic for the very first time in the digital age, businesses have found walkthroughs to bypass the difficulties that these times have thrown at them.

Businesses have been looking for ways to add more and more accessibility options to their digital arsenals and that has been the only way many businesses have managed to continue performing well enough.

In case you don’t have a website for your restaurant business as of yet, you can start with that and then work your way towards creating a user experience that can help your business grow.

These restaurant online ordering systems can then come into play and help you upscale your revenue and sales in addition to streamlining your whole order-and-delivery process.

Adding a digital touch to your business

If you are thinking about working on a website for starters, you can either look for creating a restaurant theme WordPress website and you can use some of these great themes for that purpose.

In case you want to make sure that your website is well-versed and well-suited to the restaurant niche and performs well enough for your business, you can also take the additional step to hire a WordPress developer to perfect your website.

The perfect website in the food and dining niche has to be well-versed in terms of content, quality, and its relation to the niche. You need to make sure your website fulfills all the requirements for the restaurant niche.

Once you have made sure your website relates well to the food and dining niche, you can then work on the whole online food order and delivery construct for your website.

For that, you also need to make sure that your website does not have any speed issues. Online ordering WordPress websites usually face a lot of speed and loading issues.

You can upscale your website with a little performance optimization and tactics. This can help in the long run for the whole performance and reputation of your website and restaurant on the internet.

Online ordering for restaurants requires a flawless website with a restaurant ordering system that streamlines the ordering and delivery process for your business.

Once you have gone through the website creation, setup, and optimization, you will require great options for online ordering systems and we have got a few good options for you.

Great online ordering systems

You need to make sure your restaurant website has great options when it comes to order-placement and payment gateways. The whole process of ordering and delivery needs to perfect.

We have got just the right options for your restaurant website that can help you with the online order placement and delivery systems. Have a look at these and choose whichever serves the purpose best.


When we talk about a tool that can help you with the whole online ordering and delivery system in the least cost, we recommend you go with GloriaFoods as it is the only free tool on this list.

The tool allows you to create menus, upsells, cross-sells, and delivery timings/options on your website with the greatest of ease. You can get customer reviews or create loyalty programs for your customers.

It also allows you to take orders from Facebook directly. The Gloria Facebook integration allows you to take orders from your customers directly from your Facebook page.

The downside to all these great features is the fact that you cannot process online payments in the free plan. For a payment of $29 per month, you can do that as well.


With MenuDrive, you can go through the whole onboarding process within one hour and that too without much effort. This tells you about the ease of access for the tool.

MenuDrive offers you a simple and economic delivery management system for your restaurant website. It has the simplest and most user-friendly control panel for your ease.

You can set your open hours, delivery locations, order types, minimum values, etc. within the control panel in a few easy steps. Its exquisite menu builder helps you immensely.

With MenuDrive, you can allow group orders, a choice between delivery, pickup, or curbside, customer segmentation, loyalty programs, and an automated email marketing option too.

You get the best functionalities with MenuDrive, but the only thing that you might not love about it is the slightly higher credit card transaction fee. Compared to the standards, it is set at 4.5 percent for MenuDrive.


Sounds like some Chinese restaurant, but it is one of those ordering systems that can get your restaurant up-and-going on the digital front without the need for much effort.

You can receive orders through the website or the application with ChowNow and that too with a beautifully customized menu of your choice with all the options of your choice.

You can create and access custom marketing campaigns for your restaurant with ChowNow and you can also get help with the whole setup process for the tool.

You can process online credit card payments and keep track of the tickets you have on the counter for pending orders. You can thus have complete control over your processes.

It is a little expensive compared to other tools out there, but it is an excellent tool when it comes to the whole order and delivery system for your restaurant.


What does RestoLabs offer that makes it unique? Restolab has a number of features that make it an excellent choice compared to many other tools that you might find on the internet.

RestoLabs makes sure your menu and online ordering system is seamless across devices and platforms by providing an exceptional interface across devices, especially mobile devices.

It provides you with a POS integration that connects your offline and online sales on the front end as well as the backend allowing you to process orders, discounts, and vouchers without a hitch.

With its real-time analytics and multilingual support, you are going to love Restolabs as the choice for your online ordering system. The basic plan costs $49 and the premium is just $85. That’s just what makes it an awesome choice.


You have 4 great options to choose from and that can help you with making the right choice for your restaurant business. You have to choose the one that is a fit for your needs.

Just keep track of whatever you need for your restaurant and choose accordingly. Make sure you have everything you need for the website and it will work out fine.

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