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Best WordPress SEO Plugins/Tools for 2020

Have you ever gone beyond the third or fourth page for any of your Google searches? If you enter a query and don’t get relevant results on the first or second page, you’ll probably change the keywords.

Millions of people enter their queries on Google and other search engines every day, and a majority of them don’t go beyond 2 or 3 pages to find what they’re looking for.

So, if you want to draw organic traffic to your site, then your site must rank in the first page on search engine results for the most popular keywords. SEO is a process that implements certain techniques to help a website or webpage get higher rankings on search engines.

But how do you ensure that your website is SEO-friendly? The best way here is to make the most out of SEO plugins and have all the required information handy.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins/Tools for 2020

If you’re determined to implement SEO for your WordPress site, then here are the best SEO plugins for WordPress that will come in extremely handy.

Rankchecker is one of the best free SEO tools that you can find. Here’s how it works.

  • Visit the site.
  • Enter your domain name and your targeted keyword in the designated box.
  • Rankchecker will go through their online database to find out how your site ranks on Google search engine for your targeted keyword.

This is an incredibly useful free SEO service that will let you track your growth on search engines. You can compare your site’s ranking for different keywords to find out which one will perform better. Or you can see if there is any change in rankings when you slightly change the keyphrase. will help you to choose the best keywords that will improve your site’s search engine ratings. And the best part is that it’s free and doesn’t require download or installation!

Yoast Plugin

Yoast is popular, and one of the best SEO plugin for WordPress. It optimizes your website content in line with the search engine’s requirements. We’ve picked out some of the features of Yoast SEO plugin below:

  • Set targeted keywords for your page, and track all keyword-related info such as density, length, and use of keywords in the site title, Meta descriptions, and the like.
  • Analyze the readability of the site and make necessary suggestions.
  • Get recommendations for internal links relevant to your page
  • Manage meta descriptions, search engine snippets, alt texts and captions for images, and much more.

They have a premium version that must be purchased to access the required features.

Ahrefs is another comprehensive SEO service that gives you detailed insights regarding the optimization of your site. From finding keywords to analyzing competitor sites, Ahrefs offers many features that will cover all your SEO needs. Here are a few key features they provide:

  • Keyword generators that suggest you the most suitable and popular keywords for certain niches
  • Backlink checks and suggestions
  • Content researching tools that check how well your content will perform in search engines.
  • Variety of statistical information such as keyword search volumes, number of searches, top-ranked sites, etc.

All In One SEO Pack

The All In One SEO Pack is a WordPress plugin that was developed in 2007 and is still very popular. Its key features are:

  • Displays detailed site via Google Analytics
  • Automatic generation of meta tags
  • Can be stacked together with other plugins as well
  • Automatic optimization of the site title

AIO SEO works more on the technical aspects of SEO, and are best suited for individuals with sufficient technical knowledge about search engine optimization.


SEOpress wordpress plugin

SEOPress is a useful tool that manages the optimization process for your site easily. Its key features include:

  • Building customized HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Automatic generation of image title, alt texts, and descriptions.
  • Linking the website with social media accounts
  • Can easily import SEO data from other plugins

For beginners in SEO, the free version of the plugin should be enough. Those who are technically sound can access even more advanced options in the premium version of this plugin SEOPress Pro.

Rank Math

rankmath SEO plugin

The next plugin on our list is Rank Math that offers lots of SEO friendly features for zero charges. Let’s take a look at their key features:

  • Integrates Google Trends to the dashboard for quick and effective keyword research
  • Integrates Google Webmaster and Google search console to the WordPress dashboard
  • Performs extensive SEO analysis
  • Snippet previews for Google, social media, and other search engines

For a free SEO plugin, Rank Math definitely has a lot of impressive features.

Google Search Console

This is a free Google SEO tool that helps you to measure and manage your site performance on Google’s search engine. Its key features are:

  • Measure overall site traffic and individual page traffic
  • Analyze site performance and determine the most popular pages on the site
  • Manage sitemaps, robots.txt files.
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to provide detailed site info such as total visitors, number of clicks and click-through rates, etc.

Search Console is developed by Google and it’s totally free! That’s all the reason we need to have it on this list.


SEMRush is another powerful WordPress SEO tool that gives you better control over your site’s optimization. Some of its key features include:

  • Performing keyword research
  • Providing full insight into on-site traffic and performance
  • Performing content as well as site audits
  • Optimizing pages for social media along with search engines

SEMRush is not just an SEO tool, but an overall marketing tool that can also assist you with other digital marketing methods.



The final SEO tool in our list is AccuRanker which gives detailed analytical reports of a site. Here are its key features.

  • Measure site statistics – users, views, clicks, best-performing pages
  • Get accurate rankings of your webpages on search engines
  • Track changes in the site’s ranking when keywords are changed
  • Can manage multiple sites and domains with a single account

AccuRanker also offers integration with other SEO tools for better functionality and convenience.

Final Verdict

We hope that this list will help you in finding the right SEO WordPress plugin or tool as per your need. However, keep in mind that most tools in this list have many advanced features, for which you’ll need a good amount of technical knowledge.

Our suggestion is to get started with Rank Checker, as it’s a simple tool that does not involve many technical aspects. It is the right pick for both novices and SEO experts. Within just a few clicks, you can check your site’s ranking and get ideas for necessary improvements.

If you want to improve your website’s search engine optimization and see visible results, then make the best use of these WordPress SEO plugins and tools.

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