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    When the page is narrow enough that the responsive menu layout is enabled, the menu icon does not stick to the top of the screen with the rest of the sticky items (bar, social icons, etc). Instead, it scrolls with the rest of the page leaving a blank space in the sticky nav bar where it is supposed to be.

    Additionally, when you click the responsive menu icon when the sticky nav bar is showing, the alignment of the menu is off. It seems to align with the top of the screen rather than the bottom of the sticky bar.

    You can see both issues in the live preview if you select the responsive phone icon so that the responsive menu is showing:

    One thing to note, neither of these issues seem to exist in the free version of the theme:



    I was able to fix this by doing the following:

    1. Open the sticky-menu.js file found in newie-plus/assets/js. Replace every occurrence of “.header-nav” with “.main-navigation”. There are three total occurrences you’ll have to replace.

    2. Open the style.css file found in newie-plus. On line 1419, delete the space between “.main-navigation” and “.fixed-top” so that it reads “.main-navigation.fixed-top”

    Not sure if this broke anything else yet but its a temporary workaround. Hope this helps someone!


    Paragon Themes

    Hello gideonshils,
    Thank you so much for sharing your answer in this forum. We really appreciate it.
    We will check the issues mentioned by you above and fix it in the next updates.

    Paragon Themes

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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