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The difference between Japanese website design and Western design

Have you ever wondered how the Japanese website design stands out among different design aesthetics? Well, if you have, you are not the only one. We have had quite a few queries related to this.

The major reason people have been asking these questions is the fact that a lot of them have been looking at anime websites or fandom blogs that are out there on the internet, and many have been playing the famous Japanese online games.

Those who actively scroll through these websites have always found a certain peculiarity within the design aesthetics that are quite contrasting to those of American websites.

There are a lot of features within the design aesthetics that grab the attention and the interest of the visitors on these Japanese websites, and no doubt they are very different to those found on the Western websites.

There are a lot of those casino websites that we used to look at to narrow down our target audiences. Among those casino websites, we also came across a few Japanese casinos and their designs were totally contrasting to those of the casino websites here.

Why are the Japanese website designs so different?

The major reason the Japanese design aesthetics vary so much in comparison to those in the west is rooted in the linguistic and cultural gap between the two.

Japan is known to be minimalist, but that is just one face of the country represented by those beautiful gardens and whatnot. There is more to the country when you enter Tokyo’s markets; The colors and the glimmer is impeccable.

Japan seems to have a deep connection with colors and animations as a part of the cultural enigma. That shows in every aspect of art and design related to Japan.

When you look at a Japanese website, you can be pretty sure the web design would be totally based on colors, glitter, and animations. There is more and we are going to talk about it as we go!

The Japanese design is also different as the language is vastly different and the fonts for the language need to accommodate all aesthetics relating to it as well.

Web designs in the west

Before we dive into how the Japanese websites are different, we will be shortly discussing the Western web design trends that make the Japanese websites look peculiar to us.

The West is largely dependent on different builders for creating websites, which enhances coherence and blend of colors. That is the main reason the western design aesthetic has a blend of images, vectors, and fancied text.

These aesthetics are quite different when it comes to Japanese websites. They are somewhat more dependent on text and persuasion tactics even for their design aesthetics.

The Japanese website design aesthetics

Let us go through the salient features of Japanese website design aesthetics.

1. Text and font

The Japanese text is very different to that of the Western scripture. It is much more logo graphic scripture and can present way more information in a concise space compared to the English scripture.

With that kind of scripture, there is a lot of text on the webpage and thus, the design aesthetics get a lot of persuasive power. As the text takes much less space and still gives way more meaning, these websites have way more text in design aesthetics.

2. Busy webpages

Webpages on Japanese websites are way busier than thise found on the western websites. There are numerous elements on each webpage and they make the webpages look a little crowded at times.

That bodes well with the Japanese audience, but the western audience likes to have ample space on webpages and a lot of negative sophistication, which is suited to the audience there.

3. Smaller Graphics

The websites built on Japanese design aesthetics have smaller spaces for each element available on the website. The display window for each graphical element is reduced at least by 20% compared to western aesthetics.

That, again, will tend to give the website a slightly crowded look, but that’s normalcy for the targeted audience. For the western audience, that might be a lot in a little space.

4. The animated world

You must know Anime and Manga. Both are an artistic signature of Japan and that is exactly the reason that a lot of websites are pull-offs of many anime themes.

You would find color and animations sparkling through each panel of the website and that is exactly why gamers tend to love those design aesthetics.

5. Color and Flash fever

The world has moved beyond colossal attitudes and Flash designs, but that is not the case with Japanese websites. Japanese design aesthetics are laced with colors and a liking for Adobe Flash.

The colors are actually symbolic to their culture which is a blend of melancholy vibes, whereas the Adobe Flash has been kept alive by the gamers and game developers in Japan.


Web design preferences differ vastly in Japan compared to the Western trends and aesthetics. Their websites are colossal, contentful, and animated. If you are targeting the Japanese audience, take some classes.

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